Open source framework for simulating, analyzing and visualizing pedestrian dynamics. doi



The primary goal of JuPedSim is to provide students and researchers with a framework to investigate pedestrian dynamics and focus on research, i.e. development and validation of new models or model features, analysis of experiments and proper visualization of results.

JuPedSim is currently focusing on evacuation, but is easily extendable to cover other areas e.g. passengers exchange, commuter traffic in railway stations etc.

Organization of the code

JuPedSim consists of four modules which are loosely coupled and can be used independently at the moment. These are:

  1. jpscore: the core module computing the trajectories. See list of implemented models.
  2. jpsreport: a tool for analyzing the trajectories and validating the model. It implements a couple of measurement methods including the Voronoi-method for calculating the density.
  3. jpsvis: a tool for visualizing the input (geometry) and output (trajectories) data.
  4. jpseditor: a tool for creating and editing geometry files with dxf import/export capabilities.


Showcase and tutorials

To highlight some features of JuPedSim we have uploaded some videos and tutorials on our YouTube channel.


To install JuPedSim there is a Quick Guide.


We are heavily working on this project which means that:

  • It’s not done. We will be releasing new enhancements, bug fixes etc.
  • We love your support. If you find any errors or have suggestions, please write an issue in our issue-tracker. We will try hard to fix it.
  • Be patient. We are scientists and PhD/master students. Therefore, we primarily care about our research and theses.


info at jupedsim dot org