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Linux and MacOS

To compile JuPedSim there are three steps to follow:

  • Get the code
     git clone
     cd JuPedSim
     git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Check the requirements Some packages and libraries are required to get JuPedSim compiled. See also requirements.

    You can check your system with

     make -f Makefile.cmake check

    CMake will eventually report any missing packages. Please fix these errors/warnings first before proceeding with the compilation of JuPedSim.

  • Compile the code If the two first steps succeed then you can proceed with the compilation
     make -f Makefile.cmake

    In case of successful compilation, the executables will be located in the directory bin/.

Alternatively, you can try to compile the different modules separately, which allows more control on the process and helps tackle eventual compilation problems easily.

Homebrew installation

Homebrew users can install all packages with the following commands:

Add tap

First, add jupedsim’s tap

brew tap JuPedSim/jps

(this is done once)

(optional) Check dependencies

First check the dependencies of the packages you want to install

brew info <pkg>

with <pkg> is one of the available modules:

  • jpseditor: geometry editor
  • jpscore: simulation
  • jpsreport: analysis
  • jpsvis: visualisation


then install with

brew install --HEAD <pkg>

(optional) Test modules

brew test  <pkg>

Update module

To update the installed packages use

brew upgrade <pkg>

or reinstall it with

brew reinstall <pkg>
brew install --HEAD jpsvis


Following options for cmake can be defined

  • -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=compiler (e.g. clang++ or g++)
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug (default: Release)
  • -DBUILD_TESTING=ON (default: OFF) include python tests
  • -DBUILD_CPPUNIT_TEST=ON (default: OFF) include unit tests
  • -DUSE_DUAL_ABI=ON (default: OFF) using dual abi
  • -D Boost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS=true (default: false)
  • -D BOOST_ROOT=PATH_where_to_find_boost (should be used with the above option)
  • -D AIROUTER (default: false) use the AIROUTER (still experimental) and needs CGAL to be installed