Package installation using vcpkg

First install vcpkg:

 git clone
 cd vcpkg

For JuPedSim following C++ libraries are needed:

  • Qt5
  • VTK
  • Boost
  • CGAL (if AIROUTER is used)
  • ZLIB

To install these libraries run the following:

 ./vcpkg.exe install qt5
 ./vcpkg.exe install vtk
 ./vcpkg.exe install boost-system boost-timer boost-test boost-filesystem
                     boost-chrono boost-geometry boost-graph
 ./vcpkg.exe install zlib:x86-windows-static

Now in order to compile a JuPedSim package (e.g. jpscore)

 cd jpscore
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="path\\to\\vcpkg\\scripts\\buildsystems\\vcpkg.cmake" ..

If this runs without errors, it means all requirements are fulfilled and you can proceed with the compilation


If you have a compiler (MinGW, or Cygwin).

Alternatively, in case you use Visual Studio you may need to

 File -> Open -> Project/Solution

and select the Visual-Studio solution produced in the prior step by cmake (sln-file). After a while when VS finishes indexing the project click on

 Build -> Build Solution.