Example for a schedule:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <JPScore project="JPS-Project" version="0.6">
        <group id="0">
            <member t_id="0"/>
            <member t_id="2"/>
            <member t_id="4"/>
        <group id="1">
            <member t_id="1"/>
            <member t_id="3"/>
            <member t_id="5"/>
        <group id="2">
            <member t_id="7"/>
            <member t_id="9"/>
        <group id="3">
            <member t_id="6"/>
            <member t_id="8"/>

        <time group_id="0" closing_time="20">
            <t t="30"/>
            <t t="80"/>
        <time group_id="1" closing_time="20">
            <t t="35"/>
            <t t="85"/>
        <time group_id="2" closing_time="5">
            <t t="2"/>
            <t t="50"/>
            <t t="90"/>
        <time group_id="3" closing_time="10">
            <t t="10"/>
            <t t="60"/>
            <t t="90"/>
  • groups groups with all door, which shoul open or close at the same time.
  • group id unique id to identify the specific group.
  • member_id unique id of the specific door as defined in the geometry file. See geometry.
  • times schedule times for every group.
  • group_id unique id of the specific group of doors as defined above in groups.
  • closing_time time after which the doors of the group will be closed after the doors were opened.
  • t time when the doors of the group will be open again.
    t+ closing_time= opening time