Welcome, JPSeditor users!

About Four years after the first commit, JPSeditor has grown up to a massive tool, and can help researchers und students to draw various geometries for pedestrian simulations. But now it’s (version 0.8.3) far away from a prefect drawing tool, meanwhile the User Experience of JPSeditor should be improved, in order to make it more user friendly.

Therefore there’s a lot of ideas and plans about JPSeditor to share. Let’s dive right in!

Developing strategy

Right now in the JPSeditor repository there are two branches: master and Beta. The branch “master” is always ready to release new versions, and a bunch of new features have been implemented in the branch “Beta”.

Because of lacking of User survey and reports from the focus group, it’s difficult to catch the requirements of users. In the later developing, the two branches will take different Responsibility.

As a stable branch, the major developing tasks in “master” are improving User Experience. It means not only removing bugs,enhancing stability,but also optimizing the operational logic, reorganizing the UI. For example, the operation paths to define rooms and stairs should be more natural.

Unlike with others git flows, the “Beta” branch in JPSeditor project isn’t a branch to develop from master (A new branch “dev” will be created from master), rather than a branch to test new features and just for developers. All new ideas will be implemented and tested in “Beta”. So at the End the “Beta” won’t merged in “master”, but the features do.

Releasing rhythm

We always want to provide a stable version for users, who will use JPSeditor for studying and experiments. Stability is the life for Them. At the same time we want collecting the issues and bugs from users directly. So the releasing rhythm of JPSeditor will be:

  • At 1st Friday of every two months, the stable version will be released from “master” as a installation package. The version number will be 0.8.x or 0.9.x;

With this releasing strategy, we hope that JPSeditor can serve two types of user in the meantime.

We hope you enjoy the JPSeditor, and if you have any questions, please contact us with t.zhong@fz-juelich.de.