If you are a user of JPSeditor and JPSvis at the same time, maybe you will encounter a terrible situation: The geometry file can read in JPSvis, but can’t be in JPSeditor.

The reason of this problem is that parser classes for geometry file in JPSvis and JPSeditor are NOT same and work in different logic. There is no problem when geometry which from JPSeditor is imported, but if the geometry file is wrote in text editor, there could be a problem, even this geometry can be used in JPScore and JPSvis.

A useful solution for now is making sure that you use the correct grammar for JPSeditor to draw a polygon, whatever it’s a line of rooms and obstacles. It means, every polygon should and only can have two vertexes, like this:

<polygon caption="wall1">
    <vertex px="-20.00" py="-2.00"/>
    <vertex px="-20.00" py=" 7.00"/>

Here a false (doesn’t work in JPSeditor) example:

    <vertex px="-9.0" py="-1.0"/>
    <vertex px="-9.0" py=" 1.5"/>
    <vertex px="-8.0" py=" 1.5"/>
    <vertex px="-8.0" py=" 0.0"/>
    <vertex px=" 9.0" py=" 0.0"/>
    <vertex px=" 9.0" py="-1.0"/>
    <vertex px="-9.0" py="-1.0"/>

Sorry for this problem and if you have more questions, please contact t.zhong@fz-juelich.de.