This Naming convention is referred to followed documents:

General Naming Rules

  • Names are sequences of letters and numerical digits, the first of which must not be a digit;
  • Don’t use abbreviations;
  • Variables and pointers use only lowercase letters.


  • The name of classes should a noun or a noun phrase;
  • Use CamelCase to form multi-word names by joining the words together and capitalizing the interior word beginnings;
  • Class names begin with a capital letter.

Examples: class LargeFurryMammal, class Customer.

Class members

  • Data members: m_Color, m_Width - prepend lowercase m_;
  • Static data members: s_Singleton, s_ObjCount - prepend lowercase s_.


  • Each function name should be a verb or a verb phrase: processBookOrder();
  • Function names begin with a lowercase letter.

Getter and setter

  • Non-boolean getters: color() or getColor();
  • Boolean getters: isChecked() or isValid();
  • setter: setColor(const Color& newColor).

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