New Updated Fixed

Hi 2019!

The version 0.8.6 of JPSeditor is a small milestone for us, the kernel and interface in JPSeditor has been improved.

Write ini-file - Now in JPSeditor, you can generate a inifile for JuPedSim by a GUI tool, easy to create and edit.

Zoom window - Use zoom window to adjust your scene, and show any area of your geometry in JPSeditor, don’t need to use mouse to move your geometry.

Zoom extents = Use zoom extents to show your geometery completely.

Panning mode The triggler of pannning mode is removed, now just press middle button, the panning mode will be used.

Improve stability - We have checked the meomery management in source code, the stabiliy of JPSeditor is improved.

Fix shortcut - Fixed shortcut for “Del”.

If you have questions about JPSeditor, please contact