JPSreport supports the formats .xml and .txt in current version. The format is the same with the output from JPScore.

Note the unit of the data in trajectory file should be all in m.

XML format

The file should include at least two main sections: header and frames.

  • Header

       <header version = "0.5">
          <agents> 1 </agents>
          <frameRate> 8 </frameRate>
    • agents: The total number of agents in the trajectory data.

    • frameRate: The frame rate.

  • Frames: gives trajectory information in each frame.

      <frame ID="0">
      <agent ID="1" x="6.60" y="3.33"	z="0.30" 
                    rA="0.17" rB="0.24" eO="-1.68" eC="0"/>
      <frame ID="1">
      <agent ID="1" x="6.58" y="3.32" z="0.30" 
                    rA="0.31" rB="0.23" eO="-1.75" eC="54"/>
    • ID: mandatory, the id of the pedestrians starting with 1.
    • x, y, z: mandatory, the position of the agent.
    • xVel, yVel, zVel: Optional, the instantaneous velocity. They are not used in JPSreport.
    • rA, rB: Optional. The shape which is defined by a circle (ellipse) drawn around a human. They are not used in JPSreport.
    • eO, eC: Optional. They are the “ellipseOrientation” and the “ellipseColo”’. They are not used in JPSreport.
  • Sample trajectory file

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
              <header version = "0.5">
              <frame ID="0">
                  <agent ID="1"	x="6.60"	y="3.33"	z="0.30"/>
              <frame ID="1">
                  <agent ID="1"	x="6.58"	y="3.32"	z="0.30"/>

TXT format

A sample trajectory in .txt format is present as below:

 #description: optional description
 #framerate: 16
 #geometry: /home/sim/corridor.xml
 #ID: the agent ID
 #FR: the current frame
 #X,Y,Z: the agents coordinates in meters
 #ID	FR	X		Y		Z
 1	0	8.21	131.57	0.00
 2	0	8.41	133.42	0.00
 1	1	8.21	131.57	0.00
 2	1	8.41	133.42	0.00

The line starting with #framerate and #ID FR X Y Z are necessary.

The order of each column is irrelevant. JPSreport will check the meaning of each column from the comments

 #ID	 FR	 X	Y  Z

Hint: Use the script scripts/ to format a txt-trajectory according to the above-mentioned requirements.