Windows executables will be released. This page gives instructions how to compile the code on windows using Visual Studio

Get the code and create a VS-project

 git clone
 cd jpscore
 cmake .

Visual Studio: Preparation

Before you proceed make sure your Visual Studio has some features installed.

In our case we need NuGet. So if it’s not already installed then click

Tools --> Get Tools and Features

Visual studio installer

This will start Visual Studio Installer and ask to make changes in Visual Studio. Choose the appropriate packages and proceed.

Visual Studio NuGet

Visual Studio: Compilation

With Visual Studio open the created JPScore solution (JPScore.sln) and do the following

  1. Right click on the Solution --> Restore NuGet Packages

    Restore NuGet packages

    If Visual Studio offers you to restore the packages automatically, as shown in the following screenshot, click on Restore (and be patient …)

    Default restore NuGet packages

  2. The project jpscore should be marked bold (important for running the code later on). If this is not the case, then right click on jpscore --> Set as startup Project

    Startup project

    After this step the project will appear bold (jpscore).

  3. View --> Other Windows --> Open Package Manager Console

    Package manager

    and type the following

     Update-Package -reinstall -ProjectName core


     Update-Package -reinstall -ProjectName jpscore

    Reinstall NuGet packages

  4. Build --> Build Solution

    If this step is successful then proceed to the next step and run the code

  5. Debug –> Start Without Debugging

    ![Run jpscore](/images/vs/run.png)

    This will run jpscore in debug mode.

  1. Debug --> jpscore Properties --> Debugging --> Command Arguments

    and type the full path to a demo file. For example:

     C:\Users\here full path\demos\scenario_1_corridor\corridor_ini.xml

    Run jpscore with demo file



Install using package manager vcpkg

First install vcpkg:

git clone
cd vcpkg

For JuPedSim following C++ libraries are needed:

  • Qt5
  • VTK
  • Boost
  • ZLIB

To install these libraries run the following:

 ./vcpkg.exe install qt5
 ./vcpkg.exe install vtk
 ./vcpkg.exe install boost-system boost-timer boost-test boost-filesystem
                     boost-chrono boost-geometry boost-graph
 ./vcpkg.exe install zlib:x86-windows-static

Now in order to compile a JuPedSim package (e.g. jpscore)

 cd jpscore
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="path\\to\\vcpkg\\scripts\\buildsystems\\vcpkg.cmake" ..

If this runs without errors, it means all requirements are fulfilled and you can proceed with the compilation


If you have a compiler (MinGW, or Cygwin).

Alternatively, in case you use Visual Studio you may need to

 File -> Open -> Project/Solution

and select the Visual-Studio solution produced in the prior step by cmake (sln-file). After a while when VS finishes indexing the project click on

 Build -> Build Solution.