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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <transition id="1" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="0" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="2" subroom2_id="0">
      <vertex px="9.2" py="2.8" />
      <vertex px="9.2" py="6.4" />
    <transition id="2" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="0" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="3" subroom2_id="0">
      <vertex px="3.2" py="9.2" />
      <vertex px="5.6" py="9.2" />
    <transition id="3" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="0" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="4" subroom2_id="0">
      <vertex px="0.0" py="2.8" />
      <vertex px="0.0" py="6.4" />
    <transition id="4" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="1" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="-1" subroom2_id="-1">
      <vertex px="3.6" py="-2.0" />
      <vertex px="5.20" py="-2.0" />
    <transition id="5" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="2" subroom1_id="1" room2_id="-1" subroom2_id="-1">
      <vertex px="17.2" py="2.8" />
      <vertex px="17.2" py="6.4" />
    <transition id="6" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="3" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="-1" subroom2_id="-1">
      <vertex px="3.2" py="11.2" />
      <vertex px="5.6" py="11.2" />
    <transition id="7" caption="exit" type="emergency" room1_id="4" subroom1_id="0" room2_id="-1" subroom2_id="-1">
      <vertex px="-2.0" py="2.8" />
      <vertex px="-2.0" py="6.4" />