This module implements different measurement methods to analyze pedestrian movement in different aspects and scales.


Get started with jpsreport

jpsreport is a command line module to alanyse trajectories of pedestrians. In the terminal, pass an inifile file as argument.

The following pictures summarizes the input and output files of jpsreport

Definition of input and outfile of jpsreport

Preparing the input files

Three input files are required to run jpsreport:

  • A Configuration file: This inifile gives some information related to each measurement method. e. g. the location of measurement areas, the chosen measurement method, etc. This file should be in .xml format.
  • A Trajectory file: Pedestrian’s 3D position information over time. Only .txt format is supported. The file must contain the data sorted by time/frames.
  • A Geometry file: Geometry for a certain trajectory data. This file should be in .xml format.

Run jpsreport

run jpsreport in a terminal as follows:

./bin/jpsreport inifile.xml


Possible output of jpsreport includes data for plotting fundamental diagrams, Voronoi diagrams and profiles of pedestrians etc. in a given geometry. All the output data, e.g. density and speed, are stored in different folders as plain text in ASCII format.

After a successful analysis additional folder named Output will be created in the same directory as the used inifile. It contains the basic data including plain text and eventually figures (depending on your specifications in the inifile).