Install JuPedSim using Windows executables and dmg files for OSX

Releases and Installation

Binaries can be downloaded from the GitHub-repository.


On OSX a DMG file is provided. After copying open jpscore from Terminal and jpsvis by right-click on the application. Your system will warn you that the developer cannot be verified. Go ahead an open it anyway!


Double-click the jpscore installer and click on next a couple of times.

Windows: Install jpscore 2

Start a simulation

On Windows open Powershell in the directory of examples\jpscore\ as shown in the following screenshot:

Windows: run simulation 1

Choose a scenario and run a simulation by calling jpscore with an argument (inifile) as follows:

jpscore.exe .\02_bottleneck\bottleneck_ini.xml

Windows: run simulation 2

To run this demo on OSX open the terminal in the JuPedSim directory and type:

./jpscore.exe ./examples/jpscore/02_bottleneck/bottleneck_ini.xml

The output of a successful simulation in the Powershell or Terminal should look like the following:

2022-04-01 05:22:24.656] [info] Loading and parsing the persons attributes
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.656] [info] Done loading pedestrian distribution.
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.656] [info] Init Distribute
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.657] [info] Distributing 80 Agents in Room/Subrom 0/1! Maximum allowed: 3564
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.657] [info] Finished distributing pedestrians
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.705] [info] Adding distances in Room 0 to matrix.
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.706] [info] Adding distances in Room 1 to matrix.
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.706] [info] ffRouter: FloydWarshall done!
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.706] [info] Init Operational Model starting ...
[2022-04-01 05:22:24.706] [info] Init Operational Model done.
[2022-04-01 05:22:27.773] [info] Simulation completed
[2022-04-01 05:22:27.773] [info] Exec Time 3.00s
[2022-04-01 05:22:27.773] [info] Evac Time 49.84s
[2022-04-01 05:22:27.773] [info] Realtime Factor 16.61x

A directory called results should be produced in the directory where the program was executed.

In this old YouTube-video these steps to run a simulation are visualized.

Visualizing the Results

To visualize the trajectory file produced in the simulation, jpsvis can be used.

In JPSvis click on File -> Open file and choose the trajectory file that was created previously. The result should look like in the following screenshot

Jpsvis screenshot