Installation of JuPeSim on Mac is usually less problematic than on Windows. Easiest way for installation is to use the homebrew

Homebrew installation

Homebrew users can install all packages with the following commands:

Add tap

First, add jupedsim’s tap

 brew tap JuPedSim/jps

(optional) Check dependencies

First check the dependencies of the packages you want to install

 brew info <pkg>

with <pkg> is one of the available modules:

  • jpseditor: geometry editor
  • jpscore: simulation
  • jpsreport: analysis
  • jpsvis: visualisation


then install with

 brew install --HEAD <pkg>

(optional) Test modules

 brew test <pkg>

Update module

To update the installed packages use

 brew upgrade <pkg>

or reinstall it with

 brew reinstall <pkg>