Instructions how to compile the code on windows using Visual Studio


  • Windows 10
  • Visual Studio 2019 or newer
  • Git: download
  • CMake 3.2 or newer: download
  • Python 3. We recommend the Anaconda distribution: download

For jpscore and jpsreport following C++ libraries are needed:

  • zlib
  • fmt
  • spdlog
  • cli11
  • Boost

Additionally, for jpseditor and jpsvis vtk and qt5 are needed.

Install using package manager vcpkg

To install the required libraries, we recommend using windows pakage manager vcpkg.

First install vcpkg:

git clone
cd vcpkg

then install the required libraries as followed:

.\vcpkg.exe install zlib:x64-windows fmt:x64-windows spdlog:x64-windows cli11:x64-windows boost:x64-windows

Build jpscore and jpsreport from source

First get the code

 git clone

Then proceed compiling it as follows

 cd jpscore
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE="path\\to\\vcpkg\\scripts\\buildsystems\\vcpkg.cmake" ..

(change path to in the cmake call above).

If this runs without errors, it means all requirements are fulfilled and you can proceed with the compilation

In Visual Studio

 File -> Open -> Project/Solution

and select the Visual-Studio solution produced in the prior step by cmake (sln-file). After a while when VS finishes indexing the project click on

 Build -> Build Solution.