In order to compile JuPedSim it is necessary to first install the required libraries.

Supported compilers

Any compiler with support for C++17.

At the moment The following compiler are tested:

  • g++-8 on Linux
  • clang++-8 on Linux
  • Apple Clang 11 on MacOS
  • MSVC 19 on Windows

Required tools and libraries

  • CMake (>= 3.1)
  • Python3 (highly recommended): needed to plot results of analysis.
  • boost (>= 1.65)
  • libomp (if you want to use OpenMP with Apple LLVm or Clang on Linux)
  • spdlog (libspdlog-dev on Ubuntu, spdlog on brew)
  • fmtlib (libfmt-dev on Ubuntu, fmt on brew)