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Getting started with jupedsim Page jpscore is the simulation module of JuPedSim. It's a command-line tool to simulate the evacuation of pedestrians in continuous space.
jpseditor: editing tool for JuPedSim Page A graphical user interface to create the geometry of a scenario simulated by jpscore. It comes with set of CAD- and further tools to simplify the creation of...
jpsreport: module for analysis of trajectories Page This module implements different measurement methods to analyze pedestrian movement in different aspects and scales.
jpsvis: visualisation tool for JuPedSim Page Rudimentary 2D visualisation based on Qt and VTK. Visualize the trajectory files (simulation and experiments) and geometry files produced by other JuPedSim m...
JuPedSim Installation Page Install JuPedSim using Windows executables and dmg files for OSX
Install JuPedSim on Linux Page JuPedSim does not offer any Linux binaries. A compilation of the code is necessary.
Install JuPedSim on Mac Page Installation of JuPeSim on Mac is usually less problematic than on Windows. Easiest way for installation is to use the homebrew
Build JuPedSim on Windows Page Instructions how to compile the code on windows using Visual Studio