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Demos Page Introduction of demos in jpscore.
Geometry Page This specification of the geometry is used in all JuPedSim modules. A geometry in JuPedSim is structured in rooms and subrooms. Rooms are connected by transi...
jpscore inifile Page The project file where the settings for a jpscore simulation are defined. Within this file properties of pedestrians, model parameters, etc can be given.
Getting started with jupedsim Page jpscore is the simulation module of JuPedSim. It's a command-line tool to simulate the evacuation of pedestrians in continuous space.
Operational models (removed) Page Thede models have been removed and should be reintegrated at some point in the future
Way finding Page Here the removed routing algorithms should be documented
Smoke Sensor Page Interface to jpsfire and FDS-simulations
Juelich Page These tests are largely similar to the RiMEA tests. They are extendend by verification tests to verify the validy of some algorithms implemented in JuPedSim ...
Transitions Page These brief instructions will help you get started quickly with the theme. The other topics in this help provide additional information and detail about work...