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What is JuPedSim#

JuPedSim is a Python package with a C++ core to simulate pedestrian dynamics. This project originally started in 2010 as a C++ based CLI application. However looking at how this application was used and abused we decided to rewrite JuPedSim as a Python package.


If you find references to versions < 0.10 you need to be aware that they refer to the old CLI application.

If you are interested to learn about the history of this project, see here.

Where to get it#

It is easiest to install directly with pip from PyPi.org:

pip install jupedsim

For information how to build JuPedSim from source, visit our GitHub repository.

Main features#

JuPedSim offers a Python interface, to set up and conduct pedestrian dynamics simulations. With JuPedSim you can simulate small, simple layouts as bottleneck, but you can also simulate large, complex scenarios. In these complex scenarios, different crowd management measures can be modeled with built-in modules.

For simulating the pedestrian movement and interactions JuPedSim offers two different microscopic models out of the box. The Collision Free Speed Model, as the name imply a speed model. And a force model with the Generalized Centrifugal Force Model.

With JuPedSim different decisions-making processes in the agents route choice can be modeled. These routes may consist of multiple steps the agents have to complete. One step may already be completed when an agent reaches the target, but it may also only be completed when a condition like a waiting is fulfilled. After each completion one of the built-in deciders can be used to conditionally modify the agents next target.