Source code for jupedsim.agent

# Copyright © 2012-2024 Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
# SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-3.0-or-later

import jupedsim.native as py_jps
from jupedsim.models.collision_free_speed import CollisionFreeSpeedModelState
from jupedsim.models.collision_free_speed_v2 import (
from jupedsim.models.generalized_centrifugal_force import (
from jupedsim.models.social_force import SocialForceModelState

[docs]class Agent: """Represents an Agent in the simulation. Agent objects are always retrieved from the simulation and never created directly. Agents can be accessed with: .. code:: python # a specific agent sim.agent(id) # all agents as iterator sim.agents() # agents in a specific distance to a point as iterator sim.agents_in_range(position, distance) # agents in a polygon as iterator sim.agents_in_polygon(polygon) .. note :: You need to be aware that currently there are no checks done when setting properties on an Agent instance. For example it is possible to set an Agent position outside the walkable area of the Simulation resulting in a crash. """ def __init__(self, backing) -> None: """Do not use. Retrieve agents from the simulation. """ self._obj = backing @property
[docs] def id(self) -> int: """Numeric id of the agent in this simulation.""" return
[docs] def journey_id(self) -> int: """Id of the :class:`~jupedsim.journey.JourneyDescription` the agent is currently following.""" return self._obj.journey_id
[docs] def stage_id(self) -> int: """Id of the :class:`Stage` the Agent is currently targeting.""" return self._obj.stage_id
[docs] def position(self) -> tuple[float, float]: """Position of the agent.""" return self._obj.position
[docs] def orientation(self) -> tuple[float, float]: """Orientation of the agent.""" return self._obj.orientation
[docs] def target(self) -> tuple[float, float]: """Current target of the agent. Can be used to directly steer an agent towards the given coordinate. This will bypass the strategical and tactical level, but the operational level will still be active. .. important:: If the agent is not in a Journey with a DirectSteering stage, any change will be ignored. .. important:: When setting the target, the given coordinates must lie within the walkable area. Otherwise, an error will be thrown at the next iteration call. Returns: Current target of the agent. """ return
@target.setter def target(self, target: tuple[float, float]): = target @property
[docs] def model( self, ) -> ( GeneralizedCentrifugalForceModelState | CollisionFreeSpeedModelState | SocialForceModelState ): """Access model specific state of this agent.""" model = self._obj.model if isinstance(model, py_jps.GeneralizedCentrifugalForceModelState): return GeneralizedCentrifugalForceModelState(model) elif isinstance(model, py_jps.CollisionFreeSpeedModelState): return CollisionFreeSpeedModelState(model) elif isinstance(model, py_jps.CollisionFreeSpeedModelV2State): return CollisionFreeSpeedModelV2State(model) elif isinstance(model, py_jps.SocialForceModelState): return SocialForceModelState(model) else: raise Exception("Internal error")